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tv   [untitled]    October 20, 2012 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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wave of violent protests in lebanon after the powerful car blast that killed at least eight including a top security official the opposition calls for an indefinite strike while the army reportedly fires all of demonstrators. be under siege stronghold of gadhafi supporters in libya faces an assault by an army linked militias we look at why the country is still gripped by chaos a year after the western backed revolver. and tens of thousands marched through london in the latest show of anger against austerity that's sweeping europe. israeli troops intercepted gaza bound both with international activists sent
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humanitarian aid on board stopping the latest attempt to reach the blockaded enclave you see. and thank you for joining our team karen terrill cheetah seven o'clock here in moscow now lebanon is in protests triggered by the death of a top security official in friday's car bombing in the capital some rallies have turned violent with two people reportedly injured after the army opened fire and one of the roads blocked with burning tires the opposition has called for an indefinite strike and for the government to be to solved let's join our correspondent here in a live know who's in the region arena the blast seems to have rocked not only a part of beirut but the whole country with protests showing no sign a silence of abating what's going on there right now while. as far as we know
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according to the latest records there are several hundred people out on the streets initially there or there was talk of several thousand on the modern school martyr square in the capital beirut but of these four into their corrections coming in saying at least four hundred people so far but the rally has just started people are just coming in so we can expect more people to be there because of course the situation in lebanon remains a far from easy in fact it has been exasperated by the explosion which happened yesterday during the rush hour of course there was a horrific scene which followed and they're almost immediately in force during the night the people start of people started pouring out on the streets resurrecting the old tensions between the sunni and the shia muslims which have been kind of a back burner for a little while in the country but now it seems like it. seems like it's going to go ahead to the tensions in the country there is there are calls from the march fourteenth movement to start it's just stage a day of rage on sunday and they are now adamantly saying they were only expressing
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the fact that they believe all of this is the doing of the syrian government of president also said that he is the one to benefit from the situation there of course reminding everybody who would listen and that. also it is really connected to a supposedly connected to has the law now of course has the law has osha has also come out with a statement almost immediately following the explosion in beirut saying that they condemned these coverly act and that they call on lebanese authorities to find whoever is responsible and punish them accordingly so there is this bit of information also missing in a lot of reports however of course the situation remains very very very tense there is there's also shots being reported in the lebanese town of tripoli the situation there again the standoff between muslims. and sunni muslims continues to be rather harsh. so again a lot of people are saying that
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a lot of people within lebanon itself are starting to raise their red tensions pointing their finger at syria claiming that all of this is a lost of all of this isn't bashar loss of interest not necessarily explaining how but you have to understand that all of these tensions were there to begin with for a very long time they did go through a period of a fifteen year old fifty year fifteen year along civil war so there's something like this doesn't go away just easily of course they can expect that the roads or the lebanon rather would remain in the headlines for the for some future there have been calls for a let's. say and if history is any indication that probably will not and anytime soon if they decide to also go through with some type of revolution overthrowing the government or changing the. situation in the country with details
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live from tel aviv who's also keeping people notified and posted with her tweets on twitter. thank you. now some lebanese politicians rushed to blame syria for the deadly blast saying the security official killed was a hardline opponent of president assad but a beirut based expert on the middle east says such claims are being dictated by politics. already we have the political element coming into play some elements of the march fourth t.v. movement which is known to be anti bush. even before he was known there was killed in this explosion and they quickly pointed the finger at the syrian government and now we saw the head of the two security who apparently has me killed more targeted that he's known to be actually fourteen he's known to be one of the supporters want to be very very likable most of the syrian government so i think now this would only lead to more and more from. mark fourteen i mean from their west and how is it
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being pointed at syria the question which must be raised in all of these cases is who benefits from such an hard drive think you know if the syrian government does go ahead although we don't have any information but if it does go ahead so i think it's only in the during itself in committing suicide from is the syrian government is that a suicidal government are my sort of don't see so from our expert opinion on the possible connection between the lebanon blast and the conflict raging in syria had to r.t. dot com where there is more video coverage and also add your voice on who you think is to blame in our online discussion. the libyan army and loyalist militias are preparing for the final assault on the city of bani walid where supporters of the old regime have been besieged for more than two weeks the deadly battle comes a year after the capture and death of longtime leader moammar gadhafi and the nato military campaign now just to warn you some of the images were about to show are graphic over
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a dozen people including children have been killed many more injured in attacks during the blockade residents say they are short of medicine food and water the turmoil in bani walid is seen as just one sign of the continuing disarray that has reigned in libya since the western backed revolt can reports. a year after the killing of warmer khadafi not only has the new government of libya made it illegal to criticize the february revolution of last year but a group of militias if you leave it with the country's defense ministry is be shelling parts of the country which are considered could have a stronghold. and rockets because many would need was one of the towns which stood against the intervention of the outside world in bani walid local media report that the strikes have killed around a dozen people including children but apparently the people of bani walid are not the only ones persecuted by various militia groups in libya we saw the total wiping out of the. thirty thousand strong town to want to go many black libyans which the
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misrata brigades which are also laying siege to bani walid who call themselves the brigades for the black scheme it's such as they are wonderful humanitarian and freedom loving. and discourse that they wiped out the town they've been chasing the people toward the civil war has left libya shredded in pieces with radical islamists taking advantage of the chaos basically what's happening is that in different cities here we pointed out the main one is tripoli is in town misrata each of them has their own army of their loosely united is the so-called libyan national shoot at the same time they're not really under the control of the new defense ministry they're basically on their own according to various reports most of them are even suspicious of the new government in tripoli on top of that division you also have one hundred forty tribes in the country one hundred forty tribes many of them have long running grievances against each other and they're
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located very close to each other for example the town of bani walid that we mentioned in the report is not even two hours away from misrata so made all the food and lawlessness people in those places no anything can happen to them last year coalition forces armed to the teeth in order to oust moammar gadhafi today the country is flooded with weapons of all kinds and estimated twenty million weapons are still freely circulating in libya that's in a country of six million people it's roughly three guns per person today there are multiple assassinations around benghazi different parts of libya where people are settling scores of all sorts of stripes it's chaotic forces in libya well those leave the weapons at the moment they had the chance is not to be just is either to their tribe or that or their background or indeed their politics despite the ongoing atrocities and chaos. up until this september washington had the revolution
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in libya check is a foreign policy victory for president obama after all the u.s. provided most of the foreign power which led to the capture and the killing of the libyan leader. yes we came we saw that he died there. but only after the tragic attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi and the murder of the american ambassador did leave you come back into spotlight it raises the question for the administration why didn't you see this coming if there was intelligence about the growing presence of al qaeda in eastern libya we have an election coming up and no one wants to take blame for messing up the arab spring president obama's most recent remarks suggested that he's administration is not finished in libya we are going to find out who did this and we're going to hunt them down because one of the things that i've said throughout my presidency is when folks mess with americans we go after them the obama administration has received congressional approval to allocate money for a special unit reportedly of some five hundred people who will allegedly be
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training counterterrorism forces in libya also there are anonymous reports that the cia is asking for more drones specifically for libya not of this sounds new drone strikes training forces in foreign nations but past experience has shown when the u.s. goes about cleaning up a mess it often gets even messier in washington i'm going to check on political analyst dr abraham aleutian says that it was the implosion of central government two year ago that led to chaos and a heavy influx of extremists the involvement of western countries and it was the source of trouble for libya as a whole we have seen the state has become this mom told. whatever the name walk or u.s. troops of walked in fact there is no rule of law and libya who brought. to libya and and now. syria again it's the same was thrown involvement with the
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support of both through dollars from qatar and saudi arabia that is handing the country over to a group of criminals who are hell bent on blood torture slitting throats and what have you bringing the country a buck into medieval darkness so. we have seen very clearly what these people are aiming to do they want to punish and there were leads for its stance against the invasion of libya by nato this is a form of collective punishment against the whole population for standing up for their independence and the sovereignty of their country a chilling warning for some top flight footballers as we reported a few minutes. now listen now. i'm warning you if you keep screwing up like this we'll show you some different treatment sinister threats and paint ball rounds
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fired at a russian premier league team by masked man also ahead. i mean if mitt romney wins a movie macand. if that then by that same parties in new york asking which presidential candidate is taking voters' sparks as a close race or whether the choice is out of their hands. tens of thousands of people are marching through central london anger against the painful austerity measures being forced on them prime minister david cameron recently warned of more decisions for the struggling economy for it is among the crowds thousands of people have taken to the streets of london to. see much all devised by the trade unions. many. is against because they say a lot like the economy now there are people from all. over life here there are nurses worried about the. there are police officers all feed the room worried about
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cuts the front line services and among the people we see marching here today many many families all across the age range feel that they've been affected in some way by the continued cuts my parents rely on the n.h.s. who can say can't get worse my son to stephen is paying nine grand a year in fees i work in the tree sector and legal aid is being caught so we were very vulnerable people and i won't be able to get the same help from my state and they just protect the rich they protect the interests of the rich i'm a bit of fear in the people who are it we're marching against the cuts and she's marching for the future situations where there's. a large exam my future is banked now because it's not just britain that's been affected the austerity cuts have had a europe wide effect the euro crisis rumbles all we see disparity i guess taking great especially in the last month in spain in greece told across the usa the people are simply saying that they've had enough here in london i think that
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possibly into the hundreds of thousands maybe even more the come out here today to march against the austerity one of the organizers of today's massive protest says britain's decision makers are completely out of touch with the plight of ordinary people i just don't think you can understand the pain that the cooks and their economic program have been in communities and down the. public service is the usual value whether it's your job if you worried about the future living standards even those people who work a full on over the last two years people were hurting and the kids were content not to even in the ten to not with the deficit is going up because more people are up with the benefits bill is going up the only way to really reduce the deficit is a good economic growth going again and they couldn't austerity plan is failing to deliver economic growth we need to see people back. investment in jobs investment in communities and the government b.c. swelling with pride and get a plan because what they just is working hard to begin to see look to different for . to protest people campaign in
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a local communities we can do some cases that will mean people taking action. parties are furthest posting all the updates from london protests on twitter she says the march may turn violent as police follow the market down oxford street are mass anarchists are marching and cherry. israeli military has seized a boat on route to gaza carrying international activists center manager tara aid it was the latest attempt to breach the blockade of the palestinian coastal territory and passed by israel five years ago and israeli raid of a turkish left flotilla in two thousand and ten left nine activists dead and sparked international condemnation victoria strand from the firm behind the latest aid shipment says they'll continue their missions despite forceful israeli action. i also did two thousand and ten wasn't a swedish ship and this was a horrible attack on civilians don't worry our and. all people on board
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are aware of the risk or taking and they are doing it anyhow they are doing that because they want to show their solidarity to other people to people or to the palestinian cigars of because of the palestinians also have you know if they are human beings they must have the same human rights as other people and so we have to challenge this siege as long as the international community doesn't do so you know w.h.o. to save the children united nations european union everyone says that the siege is counterproductive but no one is doing anything about it so we have to take civil action against. to stay with our team or world a live from moscow right after the break.
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homeland security now has robot tunas seriously robot fish the drones in the sky spying on you just weren't good enough effect they've revealed that they're going to be using robotic hummingbird soon who how cute these things can only see you though above the water now during the one percent or less of your life that you spend swimming homeland security will be keeping you safe since nine eleven we've heard ad nauseum that we need to be kept safe so americans have given up their rights but have things gotten that much safer honestly has any of the stuff ushered in some sort of peaceful utopia no it hasn't the best terrorism prevention would be to not bomb secular regimes in other countries like libya so that some fanatical wackos come to power that would help way more than robotic spy fish i hear a lot of people talk about personal responsibility
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a lot of speeches and yes personal responsibility is a key component of the american way slit people provide for their own defense what is going to protect you more a shotgun under the bed or terminator two so homeland security can of tuna right but that's just my opinion. download the official application so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. t.v. is not required to watch on t.v.
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all you need is your mobile device watch our t.v. any time any of the. welcome back to our tea with me karen terrill russian oil giant ross nafta is a step closer to becoming the world's biggest listed producer it firms understood to be on the verge of getting the british share of the b p joint venture in one of the most expensive industrial to ever more from artie's pier all for. well it's a deal it's been a long time in the coming it would seem according to the front page of russian newspaper comments on on saturday that it cars being done now that deal will see gross nifty buy outs the fees fifty percent share of the company t n k u b p just how much that's going to cost low well initially b.p. had said they wanted twenty eight billion dollars for their fifty percent share it seems that they've come to an agreement somewhere around the market seventeen
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billion dollars in cash and to eighty percent of gross net stock this is all politics gross a plan to try and take over all of t. and k b p they're currently in negotiation with b.p.'s russian partners a all. to buy out the other half of the company if they can do the os then you also have to become the largest publicly traded oil company in the world but there is well no reward without risk and the risk what rolls left is taking in buying out b.p. is that they will incur debts of upwards of sixty billion dollars to put that in a little context that says as much as some european nations have in debt nationally . so it's an awful lot of money there a lot of money in debt that they'll be taking on they'll be hoping that the oil price remains high so that they can get a good solid return on their investment in terms of b.p. and what that means so that he really russia it's certainly not the end for them they just they didn't want to be out of russia they just wanted an end to their
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partnership in t a k b p what they really want is to do business with roles they have to get a slice of roles they have to be tension lucrative oil exploration rights for the arctic so this is all going to continue on for a little bit longer deals will be done between roles they have to be bob's in the future but it when we get confirmation of this is certainly going through a bring it all here i'll take when you go into ex-pat etiquette in st petersburg is raising eyebrows this somewhat versus our campaign to promote tolerance is supposed to help those coming to make a living in russia but it's under fire for its migrant stereotypes. plus out of the picture we report on spain's plans to ban filming or photographing the police out of work. and also a warm welcome up players from a russian premier league football club denominator have been shelled with paint ball bullets during a training session now one was hurt but it's deeply angered fans and players
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throughout the russian soccer party center farmer explains what might be behind the attack. the number is a club have issued a statement it says that these were the actions of idiots in it unama fans have nothing in common with those that were involved but it is important also to stress that this has happened just a month through an extraordinary episode that happened at the training ground just as i say four weeks ago and then the club did allow some supporters to address the place and issue violent trace in the hope it would improve performances and results the whole thing was recorded and put on you tube which we translated for you. now listen rb you guys i'm warning you if you keep screwing up like this we'll show you some different treatment if we catch any of you in a nightclub enjoy yourselves the way garani and a boa spotted doing doing all of you hang out all the time will be out of you right there on the sports the minute so i mean once you've heard that you perhaps can understand why they denominate feel decision dissimulate should come out today and
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say that some of the players are feeling frightened what's more the union for russian players and coaches says it believes the nama classic of it's actually encourage fans of giving the signal to fans that it is like a jewish race to the players in addition to that the incident that took place on friday leaflets were also left at the ground showing faces of borken on this forum payson alongside their faces were the words we do not want to charity in the villages anymore it would be no warnings to get rid get rid of so you can say sad very intimidating stuff on the general point you could argue that perhaps the power plays were shown how i like to get because they are among the highest in this club you know i'm a fan so how often should write it the moment because it is it saying with great history in russia but it has lost what it has only won three of the last nine games in the russian crimea leaving that do you see the proportion in the title of the
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risk concern amongst the players for what's happened as we say over the last twenty four hours but also i pick. i mean the series since it into reach broadly you see if you call it it's a place where their training goes much it's still a tough call as to who will win the u.s. presidential election so a lot hinges on monday's final t.v. debate party's been in new york to ask whether the contender mitt romney has the chance to pull a key swing state from under president obama's no. electronic voting machines owned by a company with strong republican ties are set to count the vote in ohio which very well could determine the outcome of the two thousand and twelve us presidential election so is there a chance that mitt romney could steal this election this week let's talk about that do you think it's possible that mitt romney could steal the election i think it's very possible i think it's close and it's going to come down to the last minute so it's going to be something a little like that that could sway it which is unfortunate yeah and
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a lot of people don't even know about it they just think oh well he won so that that yeah what do you do about it want to make sure you go vote for brock. and tweet about her right now so much of people on the street they talk about what i mean if mitt romney wins a movie in canada. it's that simple that simple one of my ficus houses one day they'd be a third party would win the election no it didn't matter it doesn't matter where the you know greedy libertarian conservative whatever just to break the halls of the two party system and if he's a she that wouldn't be a bad either right so i want to magically state he has no use to that does it concern you that there's things like best in our country in general or sure that kind of thing shouldn't shouldn't really happen. but i guess it does it happens a lot of places you would never find out about you know why don't we find out about this stuff why isn't there more transparency about what's really going on because like you say there's lots of money involved whether or not you think romney's going
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to steal the election the bottom line is those evil voting machines in ohio are owned and operated by a company whose employees have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to the romney campaign so they very well could be determining who wins ohio a state that often determines who wins the election. hard to special coverage of the battle for the white house starts on. bringing even more analysis and there's our tease of r t dotcoms rather up close section and that can help you follow the latest events in the run up to the vote. or want to. thank. you. for the second. coming up after the break our tease all go nod discusses the ongoing stunts laski theater festival with melissa
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smith had of acting at the american conservatory theater. it's. riches slow often enough and knows that to ride a horse you've got to catch it first. for him it's a daily routine that your software's of course are on the island of a horn at the heart of. his life on an isolated farm is about blue sky green grass and his horses were there sometimes it gets lonely here but the horses have become part of me now i've fallen off so many times sometimes. it's part of my
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every day life. i look ormsby and home to it neat bratz locally just laugh for centuries most still live off the land cattle and fish. by coal is often called the pearl of siberia corn is said to be the pearl of. it's a land of think forests. and vast staps. virtually undiscovered by tourists until some twenty years ago i was cornish quickly becoming a magnet for nature lovers and fuel seekers you're quite some way from civilization here accommodation on the island is very basic so you can forget about a t.v. or even run in water for most people a tent is the on the eruption but for those who come here it's exactly what they're looking for.


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